Sunday, October 30, 2016

Will Wilson and Native American imagery

Will Wilson
Earlier this year, the Portland Art Museum featured an important exhibition entitled, "Contemporary Native Photographers and the Edward Curtis Legacy." The exhibition featured contemporary photographs by Native American photographers 'in dialogue' with the famous photographs of North American Indians by Edward Curtis (one of the most significant records of Native Americans ever produced).  One of the contemporary photographers featured in this exhibition was William (Will) Wilson.

Wilson will be in conversation with Ed Drew this Thursday at the California Historical Society. Click HERE to register. 

Will Wilson is a Diné photographer whose recent project Critical Indigenous Photographic Exchange (CIPX) involves the creation of new tintype portraits of Native Americans to "stimulate a critical dialogue and reflection around the historical and contemporary 'photographic exchange' as it pertains to Native Americans." The resulting studio of photos from him and the other artists have been featured in a number of museums, including the Denver Museum of Art and the New Mexico Museum of Art. Wilson's work, as part of the Portland Art Museum exhibition, was mentioned in several reviews, linked below, as well as the following video:


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