Monday, June 30, 2014

Manuscript Monday—J. M. Hutchings and Yosemite

In celebration of the opening of our new exhibition, Yosemite: A Storied Landscape, we present this rousing letter, from J. M. Hutchings to California Congressman Anthony Caminetti, in its entirety:

"Poorly and inefficiently managed as the Yo Semite Valley has been for lo! these many many years, I can partly realize what that wonderland—and the Big Trees—have done for California, in bringing people of refinement, and intelligence and wealth to the State, from all parts of the civilized world. These have dropped tens of millions of dollars hither and thither; and inadvertently, perhaps, been the foundation-builders of many prosperous enterprises. And, when California awakes up to broad views, insists upon honest and square dealing to 'the stranger that comes within her gate,' cultivates the magnetic power of kindness and courtesy to all, and eschews excessive charges with exacting impositions that chafe and anger, there will break the dawn of the most glorious day of prosperity this State has ever known."

J. M. Hutchings letter to A. Caminetti : San Francisco, 1892 Jan. 1, MS 3695, California Historical Society

Marie Silva
Archivist & Manuscripts Librarian
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