Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Barnhart Brothers & Spindler

Barnhart Brothers & Spindler Type Foundry was originally founded as Great Western Type Foundry in Chicago, Illinois in 1873. As Barnhart Brothers & Spindler, the foundry became known for their distinctive type design and beautiful catalogs. Here we reproduce colorful selections from an undated catalog that demonstrate the foundry's modern interpretation of advertising types. 

The above left selection features the foundry's Bamboo font and the above right is an example of their Pekin font. The samples below show Barnhart Brother's & Spindler's selection of modernistic borders and it's Japanet font.

In addition to these delightful fonts, Barnhart Brothers & Spindler originally cast Oswald Bruce Cooper's font Cooper Black - a favorite font that I covered here a few months ago.

Also worth noting - Barnhart Brothers & Spindler's Wikipedia page states that when the company was purchased by the American Type Founders in 1911 it was bought only under the condition that the merger would not take place until 1933 - allowing time for the foundry's employees to either find other employment or retire from the trade. 

Jaime Henderson
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