Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Type Tuesday - Munder family of types

Today's Type Tuesday features Barnhart Brothers & Spindler's (BB&S) catalog of Munder Types. Although the catalog is undated, BB&S released Munder Types between 1924 and 1927, starting with Munder Venezian in 1924, Munder Bold in 1925, Munder Italic in 1926 and finally, Munder Bold Italic in 1927. 

The Munder series was originally designed and cut by Robert Wiebking for Laclede Type Foundry in 1922. Originally known as Laclede Oldstyle, the type was renamed by BB&S when they released Munder Venezian in 1922.

BB&S offered many types originally designed by Wiebking while he was with Advance Type Foundry and Western Type Foundry. BB&S eventually merged with Western Type Foundry, and many of Wiebking's designs, including the Munder series and Advertiser's Gothic were offered by BB&S.

Jaime Henderson
Archivist/Digital Archivist

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