Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Type Tuesday - Typothetæ and Platemaker

Today we feature another selection from the Kemble Collection's outstanding holdings of periodicals on printing and typography. 

Typothetæ and Platemaker was a journal “devoted to Printers, Engravers and Electrotypers” and featured beautifully illustrated, brightly colored covers.

The California Historical Society's Kemble Collection holds the full run of Typothetæ and Platemaker, from January of 1898 to December of 1900. January of 1901 marked a name change for the journal to The Progressive Printer, which the California Historical Society also houses.

Visit the California Historical Society's North Baker Research Library to view these (and many other) gorgeous journals available in our Kemble Collection on Western Printing and Publishing. 

Jaime Henderson

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