Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Type Tuesday - Franciscan Press, San Francisco

Today we feature typefaces from a local foundry, the Franciscan Press, once located at 500 Sansome Street. 

An undated announcement of the opening of the firm reported the partnership of Lynn Hagemann and C. Raymond Beran - "who has contributed to the present generation many examples of good taste in typography." Beran started his printing career at the turn of the century, designing type for Denver mining companies. He favored a decorative typography style, which he brought to San Francisco with the opening of the Johnck, Beran and & Kibbee foundry in 1920. 

Beran's work with the Franciscan Press was to appeal to the cultured tastes of San Franciscans who appreciated "music and pageantry" along with "fine printing." What follows are examples of the Franciscan Press' typograpical offerings. 

Erbar Outline and Banner

Phyllis Initials

Pompadour Initials and Monterey Initials

Jaime Henderson,
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