Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Type Tuesday - American Type Founders Company Chap-Books

 A recent discovery in our Kemble Collections on Western Printing and Publishing is a short run (1904-1905) of American Type Founders Company Chap-Books. Each of these little books is exquisitely designed and contains writings by Will Bradley, a popular American illustrator and artist who acted as a consultant to American Type Founders Company. In this chapbook from November of 1904, Bradley discusses the use of borders and ornaments in advertising, reminding users that the use of such decorative material must be well considered and not "tacked on or added to a design apparently as an afterthought."

These samples from the November 1904 publications demonstrate correct and effective use of borders and ornaments, all brought to you by the designers of the American Type Founders Company. 

Jaime Henderson,
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