Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Type Tuesday - T.J. Lyons Antique Type Collection for Visual Graphics Corporation's Photo Typositor

Today's Type Tuesday features samples from typography's more recent history. The Visual Graphics Corporation (VGC) was a phototypesetting foundry based in North Miami, Florida. VGC was active in the phototypesetting phase of printing history, introducing the Photo Typositor, a machine that used a photographic process to reproduce characters onto photographic paper. After a few chemical baths the photographic paper would be ready for paste-up. 

Although implementing a cold-type process, the Photo Typositor captured the warmth and richness of fonts belonging to printer and collector of antique metal and wood type, T.J. Lyons. The VGC re-issued types for photo-lettering from Lyon's collections. Here are some samples from an undated VGC catalog. Each advertising sample is followed by the specimen from which the font was selected. 

Jaime Henderson
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