Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Type Tuesday - American Type Founders Company's business stationery

American Type Founders Company's Portfolio of Business Stationery offered a strong argument for discriminating selection of letterhead and stationery in business correspondence. 

As stated in their address to printers: There must be an eye-arresting suggestion - a high spot - about a sales letter to save it from the every ready waste-basket. And that high spot is first - and always - in the letterhead design and stock. It cannot be otherwise. The instant you open a letter it conveys an optical impression. Not what is written - not the presentation, price or argument of the body text (you haven't got to that yet) - but the letterhead itself and the stock on which it is printed. 

A compelling argument indeed! And who could resist their selection of attractive, novel stationery?

"An effective letter deserves an effective clean-cut setting."

"Everyone is susceptible to the magic of good stationery."

"Old world atmosphere is often a desirable quality in stationery."

"Modern effects in typography add life to your stationery."

Jaime Henderson,
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