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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Type Tuesday - Modi-Film

Modi-Film was offered by San Francisco-based Timely Typography. The following sheets were tucked into a Timely Typography specimen book that was undated but looks to be from the mid to late 1960s. No description of Modi-Film or instructions for its use accompanied the material, but it seems it was Timely Typography's answer to Letraset, a London based company that offered sheets of type that could be transferred onto other materials through a wet or dry process. 

The much simpler dry process, which involved rubbing a letters from a sheet of plastic onto the desired surface, made Letraset a household hit - even a children's game, Action Transfers, was introduced by the company. Of course such a popular and simplified printing process would create other dry transfer products, such as Timely Typography's Modi-Film. 

If you have any information about Modi-Film, feel free to email me!

Jaime Henderson,

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