Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Type Tuesday - Recommended Reading

A cold has kept me away from the type treasures in the California Historical Society's Kemble Collection on Western Printing and Publishing this week, but I still have some treats to share! 

A good friend recently gave me Simon Garfield's book Just My Type and I have been having a great time reading it. Garfield provides histories of both contemporary and traditional types and explores how effective (or not) these types are when appearing in magazines, album covers, corporate branding, products and electronic devices ranging from PlayStations to IPhones.

Another great find has been Louise Fili and Steven Heller's Scripts: Elegant Lettering from Design's Golden Age. From cover to cover the book is filled with beautiful samples of type specimens, ephemera and signage with modish, loopy and sophisticated types, including some types that have made an appearance on this blog (see the January 21st entry from Letters and Lettering).  

Back to the regular features from the Kemble Collection next week!

Jaime Henderson

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