Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gilbert and Rivington's Foreign Types

William E. Loy (1847-1906) was a newspaperman, printer and printing equipment salesman who collected fonts for his extensive typographical library. This copy of Specimens of Gilbert and Rivington's Foreign Types comes from William E. Loy's collection of typographical specimens. 

Tucked inside this specimen is a note addressed to Loy and signed by Gilbert and Rivington, thanking Loy for inquiring about their Oriental type selections and offering him a discount on any futher orders. 

And what a selection of types Gilbert and Rivington offered! The index lists 84 types including Irish, Japanese and Flemish types and more exotic types such as Ojibbeway, Tartar and Tekke-Turkoman. What follows is a selection of types offered by Gilbert and Rivington, Oriental Printers and Typefounders.

William Loy's typographical library forms the core of the California Historical Society's Kemble Collection. Visit the CHS North Baker research library to take a peek of specimen's from Loy's terrific collection. 

Jaime Henderson,

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